Behind The Logo For The 2024 Women’s U20 Championship

The 2024 World Lacrosse Women’s U20 Championship is under a year away, set to begin on August 15 in Hong Kong, China. 

The logo was revealed at the end of this past August:

The logo was designed based on the Bauhinia found in the flag of Hong Kong, China.

“We wanted the logo design to have a symbolic meaning of Asia and Hong Kong since it’s the first U20 women’s championship being hosted in Asia,” said Raymond Fong, the Chairman of the Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association.

“Embedding Bauhinia in the logo seems like the obvious choice. Bauhinia is a Asian species that can be found all over Asian countries and also the floral emblem of Hong Kong, China,” said Fong.

There has been one men’s U20 championship and one women’s championship held in Japan, in 1996 and 1997, and the upcoming women’s U20 championship marks the first world championship on the continent of Asia since then.

Previously, the women’s U20 championship has been held in the United States, Canada, Scotland and Australia. 

In the coming months, stay tuned to for information on the participating teams and on how to secure tickets.