Italian Sixes Championship Winners

Men’s Championship

The inaugural men’s and women’s Sixes championships culminated on the thrilling third and final day of play.

ARCA Painkillers Milano claimed victory in the men’s championship, amidst an exciting three-way battle for the second spot.

The final rankings are as follows:

Carl Klepper emerged as the leading scorer, netting an impressive 39 goals across 6 games, averaging 8 points per game.

Women’s Championship

In the women’s championship, Shark Leones secured the title through decisive clashes with the second-ranked team, both tallying 12 points.

Anastasia Ravelli dominated the scorers ranking, claiming the top spot with 19 goals in 6 games and an average of 4 points per game.

Heartfelt gratitude extends to the teams, referees, players, and passionate fans for their invaluable contributions!

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